getting older is a weird thing. you never really feel that much different the day of your birthday, but it’s just this progressive thing that you can’t really stop or slow down.

what does today hold you may ask? well, i slept in, and i have to go to the hospital to pick out a patient for tomorrow. look at their history, meds, and know how they act/interact/effect. pretty exciting ūüôā i think my brother is gonna take me out to dinner tonight though. so sweet.

i had a surprise knock at my door just a little bit ago. a little bday present. i’ll post a picture here because i can’t on facebook. a lot less viewers here. i’m just gonna say, it brightened up my day a little. ok, a lot. i like surprises. i like daisies. what girl doesn’t? it also helps if the delivery boy is really hot!


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the last time i wrote a blog was in july, so i’ll see if i can remember how to do this.

life is crazy.¬†that is an understatement. i don’t even know where to start.

i’m living w/ my brother & sister now, and it’s so perfect. i love movie nights & sunday football and just staying¬†up hanging out¬†with both of them. we go grocery shopping & out to dinner & take turns washing the dishes. i love having them in my life daily. they’re incredible, and amory is really taking care of us.

nursing school owns me. don’t get me wrong, i love it, and i’m learning TONS, but i’ve had to give up a lot for it. there are¬†many friendships/relationships that have kind of been pushed aside, so that’s hard, but i guess i knew that coming in. i’m getting to know and love some of the girls i’ve met in class and¬†in my clinical group. the studying never ends, and neither will the reading…at least not until december, but it makes the time fly. we have at least one¬†test every week until the end of school except for one…brutal.¬†in the end though, it’ll be worth it. that’s what i keep telling myself.

i almost passed out giving this man a bed bath in the hospital 2 weeks ago. i think it was a combination of hunger, weird smells, newness, and heat. it was a little embarrassing, but i know next time to eat more than half an apple for breakfast. we learned how to give meds & injections in lab yesterday, and we’ll give them in the hospital next week. pretty serious stuff. sometimes i wonder if i’m really¬†cut out for this, then i think of the opportunities to share hope and love with the people and families who have none, and i know that the Lord has placed me here for a¬†reason, and He will prepare me and carry me through anything.

alex and i and another friend of ours are leading an 11th & 12th grade girls small group on sunday nights. i absolutely love those girls. sometimes i feel like i can’t give them as much time as i would like to, but i do love hanging out with them. they’re sweet and fun and funny. i hope what we’re doing is making a¬†difference.

so that’s just a quick update on my life over the past few months. there are obviously tons of details that i’ve left out, but it’s a start. i’ve got to work on a case study and read a few chapters.¬†thanks for reading. i’ll try to update a little more often.

btw…HUGE shout out to a few friends of mine, the kinsleys. they just found out they’re having a baby girl. they will be such incredible parents. congrats liza & chris! can’t wait to meet your sweet girl.

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it’s july already?!

where has this summer gone? i can’t believe it’s already july. i wish i had the time to tell you all of the things the Lord has been doing lately, but there’s so much i have to get done. let me just tell you…this summer has been incredible.

so much has happened the past few weeks. i got in a car wreck the day we left for camp. i wasn’t hurt, but my car definitely was.¬†i went to camp, and it was unbelievable. it was a little different not being on staff, but it was great at the same time.

i learned that what defines a “good camp” is not limited by how well the speaker & worship leader¬†sing or speak, whether or not you are familiar with their names, or how many times you win the spirit stick, but by the way students are challenged and the way that the Lord stirs in their hearts and allows them to grow as individuals and together.

for the first time in 2 summers, i actually climbed on the bus with the same students i had hung out with all week, and i’m so glad i did. i can’t wait to continue to invest in, pray for, and encourage them as they walk out the decisions they have made.

not only did we have a blast and the sickest dance party i’ve ever been a part of, but we talked about things that actually matter, things that have an eternal impact, and things that change who we are and the way we live. i am so grateful to be a part of this church and what the Lord is doing here.

walking through life and hopefully leaving a mark.


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i’ve been thinking about this one for some time now and haven’t had time to write about it. it’s kind of hard to put into words, but try to follow me…

i’ve had some great opportunities the past few summers to be a part of a wonderful ministry. i’ve met so many amazing people, built some lasting friendships, and got to love on & share the gospel with some cool kids/youth leaders. this summer, i’ll be doing ministry but a different area than i’m used to. when, where, or how doesn’t really matter though; i still get to invest in people and share about Christ and things that actually matter.

i had coffee with a friend a few weeks/months ago and after our conversation i was reminded of God’s great love for His people. we see it throughout scripture. love is so central. it’s key. it’s God. my friend was dealing with some things, and i just couldn’t stop thinking about how God genuinely cares. about the small things, about the big things, about all things.¬† He’s gone out of¬†His way, above & beyond everything we deserve- so that He would be our God and we would be His people. out of love.

my dad said something to me the other day about how he’s realizing that his ultimate calling is to be a servant. it’s pretty simple, i know, but so true. we’re called to serve. we’re called to love.

to love the people that God loves so much. it kind of struck me: we’re called to love the same ones that He loves. not that we could ever do it the way He does, but still. for the first time i saw it as an¬†honor. it’s kind of hard to explain and put into words.¬†if you know what i’m talking about, think about it- God¬†calls us to love in person, in flesh, daily, the same ones that¬†He sent¬†His¬†Son to die for, to rescue, to bring life and hope to.

what an honor!


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i have one final left, and i’m steadily progressing. since i feel like i might actually get some sleep tonight, i thought i’d take some time to post.

the other day, a friend of mine was talking about her grades and the amount of time she had put into studying this semester. she has awesome grades because of that. my grades have been pretty good this semester, they could probably be better, but i realized that i really care about relationships and the time i spend with people. to be quite honest, i would never trade my relationships for her grades. i am SO grateful for the people in my life here in arlington. it took a while to find some of them, but it was well worth it. i love walking through and living life with you.

there are also a¬†few couples entering my life that i think i’m really gonna enjoy getting to know. people that haven’t really known me very long but have invested in and accepted me already. you know those people that you automatically connect with and instantly love?

the new ones have made me think about the ones who have been around and how much they have really made their mark on my life. for this post, i’m going to limit my “shout-outs” to a few couples, although couples aren’t the only ones who have made a difference in me. but i absolutely love the idea of two people who love each other and live their lives to love other people. this list of people mean so much to me. i don’t keep up with them near enough, but they’ve made HUGE impacts on my life, what i think,¬†& who i am.

jesse & becky garate: by far the MOST GENEROUS people i’ve ever known. they have lived their lives to invest in¬†people, more specifically students and have done it so well. their relationship is the definition of love, and you are guaranteed to laugh and have a good time when hanging out with them. impossible not to love.

david & meghan azam: my high school¬†youth minister & his wife who are to this day great friends.¬† once again, a couple who has given their lives to¬†genuinely care for¬†others. they make a mean cup of coffee, host fun game nights, have comfortable couches, and aren’t afraid to open them up to share. i’ve had some of the greatest conversations. they are expecting their first child. they will make fantastic parents.

chris & liza kinsley: this is the couple that made the biggest impact on me when i moved to birmingham. they would have me over & we would  just hang out. in a place that was so far away from home, they opened theirs to me and made me feel so welcome. they are great cooks and two individuals that fit so well together. i admire who they are as people and they way that they give and give and give and give and love.

 coby & jennifer colley: coby was my college minister my freshman year in college & jennifer led a small group in the dorms. these people know how to have fun. their hearts are so pure and they are some of the most welcoming people i know. great friends. my only regret is the amount of time we got to spend together. wish there was more. they are also expecting their first baby. so excited for them.

andrew & katharine farley: talk about impact! drew is the pastor of lubbock bible church, which is a place where i would say i experienced the majority of my growth as¬†a believer. people who really care about who you are and making sure you understand who that is as a follower of Christ. oh the impact that will make! katharine can cook unlike anybody else, and they also opened their home on sunday nights for college students to have dinner and partake in a bible study that i would put up against any other. (not that it’s about whose is better, but this was SO LEGIT) if you live in, around, or ever¬†visit¬†the lubbock area, check them out here: www.sundaymorning.us

jerod & april morales:¬†jerod is my cousin and¬†april fit in the moment we met her. i think that the first time we met her a few years ago we played popcorn games in my living room til 2am and fought against jerod- brazilian jiu jit su style (sp). yes, the girls won. every time i hang out with them i am encouraged by their relationship, love for the Lord, and for other people. like a few other couples, they will be having their first baby soon, and i think it’s just wonderful.

i know there are TONS more. you know who you are if you’ve affected me. just wanted to say thank you, it means so much. the list is currently growing…

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a blog break & some serious gamers…

i feel like i’ve been living at the library for the past few days. i was here til 2am last night, and will prob be here late tonight, tomorrow, and wednesday. i’m slowly progressing, and since i’m starting to get jittery from my¬†16oz monster energy drink and overflowing with caffeine, i thought i’d take some time and post a little something.

it was gonna be serious, something i’ve been thinking about and something that’s been on my heart, but as i sat down i couldn’t help but overhearing these young boys’ conversation and thought you could benefit from it. i’ll post the other one another day.¬†

to start off, i’m not really sure how they logged onto the computers here at uta. they can’t be much older than freshmen in high school, but they’ve been sitting here for hours playing games on the computer.

for no other reason than to enhance¬†your day, i thought i’d share a few of their quotes with you…

“dude, this is really scary”

“you have to use backup & force”

“i’m gonna wait for my potions”

and my favorite…”you’re a piece of sh*t for not helping me fight them”

i promise it’s funnier in person. maybe i’m just at the point where anything is funny. i don’t really know any gamers, so this kind of talk is new to me.

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not cool…

i am no longer able to sleep late, and it is very disappointing. last friday i was up at 7:15am and today i was up by 6:50am for absolutely no reason other than the fact that i couldn’t sleep. disappointing. signs of getting older or just a routine that i’ve gotten used to? both?

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