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well, the wait is no longer. i have officially been accepted into uta’s school of nursing, and i am so excited! no more putting it off or procrastinating, and there’s a good chance i’ll have a degree before i’m 25! haha. i think my parents are excited about that. it’s also a huge relief- i didn’t apply anywhere else, so i’m lucky i don’t have to use my backup plan- because i didn’t prepare one! but this seems to be a consistent pattern in my life, and somehow it usually seems to work out.

it’s a great time to start too, listen to this: apparently they’re starting this new thing and partnering with some publishing company. we’ll have to purchase a PDA for about $300-400, a memory card for about $40, and we’ll be able to download a lot of our textbooks on this device and carry it around with us, which equals a huge load taken off my back, literally. it gets better…since they’re just starting this, they’re gonna give us all of these books for free!  i don’t think it’s all books for every class, but it will cover a lot of them. the letter said that we’ll receive about $3000 in books- all free throughout the course of our 2 years. uh-mazing.

it’s funny to see the way it all worked out. i came to arlington, not knowing anything about this school, but knowing that i wanted to be a nurse. and it just happens that uta  is one of the top schools in the country. it’s great knowing that the Lord knows your heart, He has put certain desires there for a reason, and He has the capability to carry them out.

Proverbs 16:9: In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.

i love seeing the way that things have worked out and happened in a way that I never could have planned on my own. there’s something to be said about a God who cares about you and what your desires are, and it’s awesome when the plans that I make match with the steps He has determined. 

walking in the works He has prepared in advance…


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childhood dream come true…

when i was younger, there were 3 things that i really wanted…now these aren’t things that everybody wishes for, but for some reason i did. crutches, braces, and glasses.

crutches: a friend of mine had a set of crutches, so i would play on them, but i wanted to have an actual reason to use them. during volleyball practice one day, my senior year in high school, i sprained my ankle and had to have crutches for a week or so. one dream come true, two to go.

braces: this is pathetic, but you know the the very tip of the opening of the balloon, like the little lip/rim part of it…i’m not sure what the right terminology is? but i used to imagine those were my rubberbands, and i would tear them off and wrap them around my teeth and pretend like i had braces. dream #2 also came true for me, and i eventually had to get real braces, but they weren’t as exciting as i’d hoped.

glasses:  this one worked for me when they started selling cute glasses that weren’t prescription. they really do help when you’re having a lazy day and you don’t wanna wear makeup, but not for seeing. i’ve noticed for a while now that my eyesight has gotten a little worse when i’m driving or in class, and i finally had to go see the eye doctor. guess what? all of my dreams came true about a week ago when i got my first pair of prescription glasses in the mail.

i mean, what else could a girl ask for? no, but really, they do make a difference.

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