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the last time i wrote a blog was in july, so i’ll see if i can remember how to do this.

life is crazy. that is an understatement. i don’t even know where to start.

i’m living w/ my brother & sister now, and it’s so perfect. i love movie nights & sunday football and just staying up hanging out with both of them. we go grocery shopping & out to dinner & take turns washing the dishes. i love having them in my life daily. they’re incredible, and amory is really taking care of us.

nursing school owns me. don’t get me wrong, i love it, and i’m learning TONS, but i’ve had to give up a lot for it. there are many friendships/relationships that have kind of been pushed aside, so that’s hard, but i guess i knew that coming in. i’m getting to know and love some of the girls i’ve met in class and in my clinical group. the studying never ends, and neither will the reading…at least not until december, but it makes the time fly. we have at least one test every week until the end of school except for one…brutal. in the end though, it’ll be worth it. that’s what i keep telling myself.

i almost passed out giving this man a bed bath in the hospital 2 weeks ago. i think it was a combination of hunger, weird smells, newness, and heat. it was a little embarrassing, but i know next time to eat more than half an apple for breakfast. we learned how to give meds & injections in lab yesterday, and we’ll give them in the hospital next week. pretty serious stuff. sometimes i wonder if i’m really cut out for this, then i think of the opportunities to share hope and love with the people and families who have none, and i know that the Lord has placed me here for a reason, and He will prepare me and carry me through anything.

alex and i and another friend of ours are leading an 11th & 12th grade girls small group on sunday nights. i absolutely love those girls. sometimes i feel like i can’t give them as much time as i would like to, but i do love hanging out with them. they’re sweet and fun and funny. i hope what we’re doing is making a difference.

so that’s just a quick update on my life over the past few months. there are obviously tons of details that i’ve left out, but it’s a start. i’ve got to work on a case study and read a few chapters. thanks for reading. i’ll try to update a little more often.

btw…HUGE shout out to a few friends of mine, the kinsleys. they just found out they’re having a baby girl. they will be such incredible parents. congrats liza & chris! can’t wait to meet your sweet girl.


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it’s july already?! 23…

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  • 1. David, Meghan, and Brady Azam  |  10/19/2008 at 6:07 pm

    You’re going to be a great nurse! As someone who was in the hospital recently, having a sweet nurse makes the whole experience amazing! You’re going to do that for people, and they will be the luckiest peopl, ever!
    Love you Abbs…did you get on our blog yet? It’s public, just for you.


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