a blog break & some serious gamers…

05/05/2008 at 11:29 pm Leave a comment

i feel like i’ve been living at the library for the past few days. i was here til 2am last night, and will prob be here late tonight, tomorrow, and wednesday. i’m slowly progressing, and since i’m starting to get jittery from my 16oz monster energy drink and overflowing with caffeine, i thought i’d take some time and post a little something.

it was gonna be serious, something i’ve been thinking about and something that’s been on my heart, but as i sat down i couldn’t help but overhearing these young boys’ conversation and thought you could benefit from it. i’ll post the other one another day. 

to start off, i’m not really sure how they logged onto the computers here at uta. they can’t be much older than freshmen in high school, but they’ve been sitting here for hours playing games on the computer.

for no other reason than to enhance your day, i thought i’d share a few of their quotes with you…

“dude, this is really scary”

“you have to use backup & force”

“i’m gonna wait for my potions”

and my favorite…”you’re a piece of sh*t for not helping me fight them”

i promise it’s funnier in person. maybe i’m just at the point where anything is funny. i don’t really know any gamers, so this kind of talk is new to me.


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