some good news & a mentor…

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first off, i’d like to announce that because of my hard work ūüôā all semester in college algebra, i am exempt from my final! i found out today, & the final was supposed to be on saturday, so that’s even better! 2 finals next week, and this semester will officially be over! then onto nursing school! it’s hard to believe.

ok, now onto my more serious thoughts…is it possible that you’re doing something w/out realizing it? i think so. at this point, i bet most people think that i’m talking about something negative, but i’m not. it’s positive. let me explain…

i think my dad is the absolute coolest & i’ve learned so much from him, and i’m sure i will continue to do so, but we were talking a few days ago & he said that this guy wanted him to be his mentor. i was so excited about that because i know that he has a lot to share. well we were talking today, and he brought it up again…this time he sort of asked me what a mentor was & what they did.

now to those of you who don’t know my dad, he’s far from dumb, in fact, he’s one of the smartest people i know, but he’s not super involved in a specific church and certainly doesn’t mess around w/ church lingo. not that mentor is limited to church.¬†

so i¬†went on to explain what this meant and what¬†the purpose & motivation¬†for a mentor was.¬†my point to the story is that i know¬†my dad has in some way or another mentored people throughout his life without knowing that he was being a “mentor.”

what if our lives were like this? what if we loved and cared for people naturally without having to say, “today i’m gonna love so & so,” or “this week i’m gonna try to be better at investing?” don’t get me wrong, the last thing i’m saying that i think it’s unimportant to¬†notice how we can¬†be better at loving people, but what if it was less of me trying and more of letting Christ lead us and live in and through us?¬† what if we walked through our daily experiences, letting Him lead, speak, and live¬†through us? if we went home at night and didn’t have to check off caring about someone other than ourselves for that day or week or whatever.¬† what if Christianity was more than sunday mornings and certain bible studies, but daily living…in Christ and Christ in us. our only hope of glory.¬†the way it was meant.

i think it’s possible. i know it is. i saw it today.


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