childhood dream come true…

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when i was younger, there were 3 things that i really wanted…now these aren’t things that everybody wishes for, but for some reason i did. crutches, braces, and glasses.

crutches: a friend of mine had a set of crutches, so i would play on them, but i wanted to have an actual reason to use them. during volleyball practice one day, my senior year in high school, i sprained my ankle and had to have crutches for a week or so. one dream come true, two to go.

braces: this is pathetic, but you know the the very tip of the opening of the balloon, like the little lip/rim part of it…i’m not sure what the right terminology is? but i used to imagine those were my rubberbands, and i would tear them off and wrap them around my teeth and pretend like i had braces. dream #2 also came true for me, and i eventually had to get real braces, but they weren’t as exciting as i’d hoped.

glasses:  this one worked for me when they started selling cute glasses that weren’t prescription. they really do help when you’re having a lazy day and you don’t wanna wear makeup, but not for seeing. i’ve noticed for a while now that my eyesight has gotten a little worse when i’m driving or in class, and i finally had to go see the eye doctor. guess what? all of my dreams came true about a week ago when i got my first pair of prescription glasses in the mail.

i mean, what else could a girl ask for? no, but really, they do make a difference.


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bandwagon much? whatever… seeing…

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